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When Monica Owens (Mon.O) wakes up one day to find that she can travel between 2 states of mind, she finds herself fighting for control, physically and mentally. MonO is a platformer where the player can freely shift between 2 forms, allowing for different interactions with different blocks. 


  • Arrow keys - MOVEMENT!! (and to move between dialogue screens)
  • Shift key - To SHIFT forms.
  • Enter to be used ONCE to enter the game if you're too lazy to press the left click button on the start button (PS: if you're using enter, you don't even need your mouse for this fabulous game)
  • R to restart the game (if we somehow screw up something and you can't restart, jk you can remove your R button)

Team Members

  • Lee Yu Heng - Resident Sadist (maker of the dreaded sewer level)
  • Millennium Tan - The only person in our group who can draw non-stickman figures
  • See Toh Jin Wei - Tries to not be depressed


...that we used, duh. All from NoCopyrightSounds. :D

  • Axolla - Burn It
  • CODE - Duck Face
  • Ephixa & Jin Yosef - Everlasting
  • Halcyon - Runaway
  • Malik Basah - Ghosts
  • NIVIRO - The Guardian
  • TARI & Yix - Bliss


MonO_Final3.zip 130 MB


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Hey man! MonO was a great short game! I really enjoyed it and how you had to get through the platforms by changing forms. Wish it was longer, was having fun till it just finished :(